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Tenet EC residents can access the regional library at the New Tampines Hub

Sep 25

Tenet EC can be popular with prospective buyers looking to buy the property because of its location close to and in proximity to Tampines North MRT Station. Tampines North MRT Station. The brand-new MRT station is located in the proximity of a number of stores, including IKEA COURTS Megastore as well as Giant Food Centre.

North Tampines Town community is extremely secure and well-maintained. It allows residents to be active and productive within the community, and also have the time to unwind and relax in a peaceful setting. Residents can avail a variety of amenities and services within Tampines North Hub. Tampines North Hub is scheduled to open as a hub in next few months.

Tenet EC might be the next company to join the alliance and make one. The alliance could be formed by the year 2022. Tenet EC is launched on the 20th of February in 2022. Customers will benefit from the latest technologies as well as other products made by Tenet EC. 

Find the best spot that is able to meet the needs that your loved ones have. It might be a place where friends and family can get together. What you're interested in can be achieved at an environment that is comfortable at own home or working. There are numerous places to study or work in. There's a wide range of shops that are available.

Tampines North Station as well as Tampines North Station, as well as Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) which offers the highest mobility and accessibility throughout the island. Businesses can be served through Tampines North Station, Changi Business Park, Singapore Expo Convention Centre and Tampines North Station, as together with the established Tampines Regional Centre.