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What should a new office have?

Oct 7

It's a sign of success when your business grows. It can also indicate that organizational changes are needed. It's time to move if your company has outgrown its current office. 

You have a lot of things to consider before you make such a significant change. A panel of Young Entrepreneur Council members answered the following question to help:

What is the most crucial factor to consider when searching for office space? Why?"

Flexible Workspace Elements

Flexible working arrangements are preferred by many employees, who prefer to work from home and be able to come into the office only a few days a week.  Flexible workspace elements can be added to office spaces by creating open floor plans, breakout areas, quiet work zones, and shared resources. Flexible workspaces are a great alternative to traditional office spaces and remote work." -office moving companies Toronto

An Ecosystem that Supports

When looking for a new area, it is essential to think about an "ecosystem" that supports businesses like yours. Many tech ecosystems are situated in areas where banks, networking organizations, and startups are found. These areas can help you feel positive and even receive support from local institutions.

Employee-Requested Elements

"If I were in this situation, I would survey the entire company to find out what employees want from their next office space. This shows you are open to accommodating employee needs. It also helps to kill two birds by selecting a work environment conducive to employees' goals.


Look for opportunities that could make everyone's commute a little easier. If you prefer to move into an existing office space, you can look for suitable areas for development.

t would help if you looked for solutions that are both cost-effective and can accommodate your team the best.

Organic Searches

Google uses the length of time your company has been there to determine if it is a top-ranking location for organic search. If you are in a large city and live in highrise buildings that also house your competitors, your suite or unit number will be the only distinguishing factor on Google Maps. "Our firm has a home base that has been our Google storefront address since the beginning of our existence." office moving companies in Toronto

There is still room for growth in the future

If you are looking for new offices, make sure there is room to grow. Consider your growth plans and think about whether there is room for expansion.

A Contingency Plan in the Lease

Consider putting a contingency plan into your lease when looking for office space. Although no one likes to have to change offices all the time, it is essential to be able to move around in an emergency. You should include a contingency plan with your lease. 

This will allow you to exit or leave the space in unavoidable circumstances, such as natural calamities, structural inadequacies etc.

Your Business Activities

"The critical factors for your new business location vary from one industry to the next. 

For manufacturers, proximity to raw materials is crucial. You need to be able to meet customers face-to-face if your business relies on it. Consider your most important business activity, and then choose your new location based on it.

Where are your customers located?

It's essential to have your office close to your customers if you want to attract local customers. Your customers might not be there, and you may have outgrown your current office space. This could make it difficult to sell enough products. Your data and surveys will help you determine the best area for your new office space to achieve the best results.

Your Budget

"If you are considering upgrading your office space, you should consider if you have the money to pay for the new building. The cost of this investment will be more than the cost of the office space.

You will need to pay utilities, remodeling, and the cost of moving your equipment into the new office space. These factors are essential to consider as you might spend more than you have to.

If You Need the Space

"First, think about whether you need a physical place. The good news was that remote work is now possible. Remote work will not only save your company money, but it will also allow your employees to have more flexibility and a better work-life balance. Remote work is a way for companies to remain competitive.